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Teammates react to Eddie Gaven's retirement

Danny O’Rourke

On the announcement:

“I’m kind of in shock. I was kind of [comparing] it to Barry Sanders – leaving at the top of his game. Eddie’s always been the most consistent player I’ve ever played with – one of the best guys and best players. He was always beating to his own drum. We wish him all the best and we are really sad to see him go and hopefully he will still remain with us and be a part of the team.”

On what he will remember most about Eddie:

O’Rourke jokingly: “I don’t know who else is going to dive enough to get us some free kicks around the box. That was his forte right there. For him we’ll just miss a tireless work rate out wide – you knew what you were going to expect from him. Not only was he steady on the field, but he was always there for everybody in the locker room.”

“I’m still just kind of stunned right now. I’m kind of still hoping he is going to pull a [Brett] Favre and come out of retirement.”

On what he has meant to the organization:

“He is one of the quiet guys. One of those guys that never really says anything – goes about his business – and I think his body of work speaks for itself. He has always been a guy that has been just so incredibly gifted. He wasn’t really anyone who boasted. He was always the first one into the locker room and the first one out. He handled his business every day and I’d be lying if I said he would be easy to replace. I don’t think you replace a guy like Eddie. There is going to be a lot of guys that will have to step up next year in his absence.”

Andy Gruenebaum

On the announcement:

“Obviously a little bit surprised, but I have roomed with Eddie for [many] years and I knew that even though he had joked about it before it was probably something he was mulling over. Probably not a serious note, but something he could see in his future – just walking away and moving on to the next chapter. It doesn’t shock me, but it is still really sad to see one of the better teammates I’ve been associated with leave early.”

On what he will remember most about Eddie:

“Just what he brings on and off the field – his positive attitude, his [professionalism], and a guy you want around your team. You know what you are going to get from him on the field, but there is a different feel in the locker room when he is in there and you could tell when he got hurt this year. The locker room is always going to be positive, but it definitely changed [when Eddie got injured] and it is definitely a better place to be when Ed is in there on a daily basis.”

On what he has meant to the team and organization:

“He obviously was a big part of what we did to win a championship. Year-in-and-year-out any success we’ve had he has always been a big part of it. More than that he has always been a great person and I think that is going to be the lasting impression – just how great he is to be around. I think that is going to be one of the biggest losses – just to have a guy like that in the locker room and now all of a sudden he is walking way. I know the Crew will always be a big part of his life and the teammates he has had. We will miss him and I’m sure the fan base is going to miss him and they probably don’t realize just how much he brings to the table both on and off the field.”

Chad Marshall

On the announcement:

“It was definitely unexpected – kind of out of the blue. That being said, he played a lot of years in MLS and gave his all every game he played in. I support his decision and whatever he wants to do.”

On his lasting impression of Eddie as a teammate:

“Just how much he cared and how much he gave every game. I think you always knew what Eddie Gaven was going to give you in a game – up and down the wings tirelessly, he was going to be there in the 83rd minute just as he was in the first minute.”

On the mark Eddie has left on the organization in his time here:

“He means a ton. I think he is one of the best – if not the best player – in Crew history, especially for a winger. He was huge for us and a fan favorite because he showed up every day and gave his all. He was always a solid player. You knew what you were going to get and he was going to be good, He was someone other teams had to game plan for because Eddie Gaven was always going to be one of our most dangerous players.”

Wil Trapp

On the announcement:

“I was watching Ed when he first came into the League. I was impressed with him then and I was impressed with him this past year. For ten years he has been a great player in MLS – great for the Columbus Crew – and we are sad to see him go.”

On what Gaven has taught him:

“Ed is a guy that comes to work every day and takes everything at training to heart. I think the biggest lesson I learned was that for all the success he has had – how humble he was – it truly was a remarkable thing.”

On relating to Gaven’s path as a young player in MLS:

“[Playing at an early age] speaks volumes to his character and the quality of player that he was. I think starting that young is tough because you are still a kid and playing against men.”





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