Columbus Crew SC
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The Columbus Crew SC era has officially arrived

You might have noticed some changes around here when you woke up this morning.

The website design is the first clue. For the first time ever, you're reading this article on what is now That's right: full brand implementation has occurred, and from this point forward, the team that used to be the Crew is now officially Columbus Crew SC.

The changes aren't just limited to the website, however. Crew SC's social platforms have all officially made the switch, and not just in avatar design. You can now find Crew SC on Twitter and Instagram at username "ColumbusCrewSC." The club's Facebook has switched over to "Columbus Crew SC." Heck, even the club tag at the bottom of this article is now Columbus Crew SC, as you might have noticed.

But that's not all! What were formerly the Crew Insider social platforms have made the switch as well. You can now find me on both Twitter and Instagram at username "CrewSCInsider" (no more underscore!).

If you were already following the club at any of the above social platforms, no need to refollow any account: the changes happened overnight and the accounts remain untouched otherwise.

These changes are so much more than cosmetic as well. You might recall the announcements of the club's new brand at the reveal even on October 8. Those are the elements that you'll see reflected in the club from this point forward.

Some vernacular is also changing. The website is just the first touchpoint of those changes:

  • is now with full redirection.
  • All Crew SC staff email addresses have flipped over to the domain of
  • The club hashtag on social channels is officially changing from #Crew96 to #CrewSC.
  • Terminology in how the club is referred to is also changing. "The Crew" is being replaced by "Crew SC" in all instances.

From a personal standpoint, getting used to eliminating "the Crew" from my writing and spoken vocabulary will be a difficult habit to break, but the SC is now inseperably part of the club's identity. It's Day One of many, many exciting days to come for Columbus Crew SC. 

Welcome to the new era.