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Quote sheet: Gregg Berhalter discusses 2015 MLS SuperDraft


On the SuperDraft

It’s an interesting day. A lot of preparation went into it and we’ve come out of it pretty well. We are excited about the prospects that we have and I think that there will be more detail in the next couple days.

On the core of the team

It was important to me and to our team to keep the group intact. I feel like we have a really strong core and we wanted to maintain that. With an expansion draft and some players out of contract, it was difficult, but I think we managed pretty well through it and we are pretty excited about the season.

On the depth of the roster

Well, we don’t want to change this again so we wanted it to be timeless. Obviously, our old crest had some retro aspects to it that are sort of endearing, so we want something that has a little bit of retro and some progressive aspects to the new badge.

On Sergio Campbell

He is physically dominating. He was one of the strongest center backs in the draft. He was one of the most agile center backs in the draft. He is six-foot-four and can leap vertically over thirty inches so he is an incredible athlete, but also he likes to pass the ball and he’ll fit right into our system, but gives us a little added height to our backline.

On Sagi Lev-Ari

He’s a goal scorer. All he wants to do is score goals and I like guys like that. He has a desire to put the ball in the back of the net and it is something that you can’t teach. To add to that, he was one of the fastest players at the combine, so he’s speed and wants to score. I think he’s an interesting prospect.

On if Lev-Ari’s age was a factor at all

Yeah, sure. But, obviously, it did not bug me enough to not take him. He is 26 years old and in terms of development, you would think there would be less development in him than in someone who is twenty years old so it is something to consider, but again, his desire to score goals and his athletic attributes are pretty special.

On is Lev-Ari’s time in the military had any impact

Well, he is certainly disciplined, he is well-mannered and very coachable. I think most importantly is he is given a chance. It is not easy for a foreign player to come after they served in the military to come to college and get an opportunity in MLS and we are happy to give him a shot.

On the two picks

I would say these are going to be two interesting draft picks. I think we are excited to welcome them to the club and we look forward to seeing them in preseason.

 On the trade with Colorado

There will be more details on that in the next couple days, but it gives us the opportunity to add depth to our team and get a phenomenal player in Sergio Campbell.

On what both draft picks had to say following being selected

They are excited. They are both happy to be entering the league and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

On the personalities of Campbell and Lev-Ari

Well, they are different. Sergio is confident but very polite. He has played for an international team, so he is experienced in that sense. Sagi’s quiet. He’s a quiet, shy guy, but when he is on the field, I think he transforms a little bit.

On if he is happy with what the club was able accomplish on day one of the SuperDraft

I am. I think it was difficult navigating at times, but overall, I am happy with how it turned out, really happy.


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