Gyasi Zardes - 4.13.19 - Montreal Impact

Post-Match Quotes: Montreal Impact - April 13, 2019

Head Coach Caleb Porter

On the team’s performance

I think there have been some games this year where we got the result and the three points but maybe didn’t play all that well. But in those games, we defended well, and we found a goal. I thought this was a game that we deserved more out of. I thought we played really well. We had good control. When you’re looking at the chances in the game, we had more chances than they did.

On the goal

Obviously Maxi [Urruti] created a chance out of nothing. Credit to him. It was a play we knew could happen. We talked about it with him being a great pressing player. We have to learn from that moment. It was a ball from their goalkeeper launched in and it’s in the back of the net because we don’t manage it well. So, we have to learn from that situation, which we will. And that’s really one of the few moments we felt they could hurt us, and they did.

On the final outcome

We deserved more out of the game. At least a draw. Obviously, in the first half, Pedro’s shot, when you look at Gyasi’s that just missed. We had a few moments where if Hector gets the cross right, it’s a tap in. We just didn’t have that precision and that cutting edge in those moments to find that goal. If we do, we at least get a point out of the game. But I thought on the goal they got, that’s tough. And we certainly have to learn from that.

Midfielder Will Trapp

On the result

In the first half, we did a really good job of executing the game plan that we wanted. Which was being patient, keeping the ball, and then when guys would step out of position, we would try to exploit those spaces as well as playing behind them. I think in the first half, we had four chances where we got the ball in good crossing positions to create some goal scoring opportunities. Gyasi had one that was inches wide.

On what needs to be done to finish scoring chances

I think it is just continuing to put guys in training in those positions and they have to work on the technique and the quality of it. The fact we’re getting in those positions is great but the execution and scoring the goals is the most important thing. We know Gyasi is going to put himself in the opportunity to get on the end of those crosses.

Forward Gyasi Zardes

On the result

Obviously in the first half we had numerous opportunities. Our full-backs were able to get higher up the field which produced a lot of crosses. But it was more difficult in the second half once they got the goal because they tended to sit back. They were satisfied with a 1-0 lead throughout the game, so they didn’t send as many numbers up. We had some great looks at goal, but we were unlucky and that’s the game of soccer. There were moments in the game where we executed breaking lines, finding available players but for me at the end of the day if you look at the result, its one-nil to them.


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