Esports | Live updates from today's League Series One event

What is League Series One?

League Series One is the first of three eMLS tournaments that will take place in 2020, followed by League Series Two in February and eMLS Cup in March.

How does it work?

Players from 25 MLS teams, including Crew SC's Graham Ellix, will compete to be crowned League Series One champion as well as for points in the 2020 eMLS standings. The League Series One winner will also receive a $7,500 cash prize.

All 25 players will play 12 games during the regular-season portion of the event, which will take place throughout the day on Thursday, Jan. 9 (10 am–5:30 pm ET) and will not be streamed.

The top eight overall players (regardless of conference) will qualify for the live-stream portion of the event on Friday, Jan. 10 (6 pm–10:30 pm ET), with the host club (in this case the Philadelphia Union) guaranteed a place on the live stream no matter their player's result.

How to watch and follow?

The entirety of Friday's event will be live-streamed on Twitch and Twitter, as well as on and the MLS mobile app.

In addition to the live stream, fans can follow the results and get up-to-date standings for both Thursday's non-streamed games (10 am–5 pm ET) and Friday's main event:

Graham Ellix's Schedule

Round 1 (10:00 AM ET)

Crew96Skamzz (CLB) 1
CaliSCG (SJ) 1
Round 2 (10:30 AM ET)
TheMarsBars11 (SEA) 3
Crew96Skamzz (CLB) 0
Round 3 (11:00 AM ET)
Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  

Round 4 (11:30 AM ET)

PhilB94 (TOR)  
Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  

Round 5 (12:00 PM ET)

Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  
exraa (VAN)  

Round 6 (1:30 PM ET)

Paulo Neto (ATL)  
Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  

Round 7 (2:00 PM ET)

Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  
Young H (AUS)  

Round 8 (2:30 PM ET)

Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  

Round 9 (3:00 PM ET)

Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  
Fiddle (CIN)  

Round 10 (3:30 PM ET)

Gonzo (COL)  
Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  

Round 11 (4:00 PM ET)

Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  
- BYE -  

Round 12 (4:30 PM ET)

Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  
i9ibbs (DAL)  

Round 13 (5:00 PM ET)

Crew96Skamzz (CLB)  
Jay Ajayi (PHI)  

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